Philosophiae Doctor
I became a Ph.D. in 'Philosophy of Economics' at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The title of my dissertation is Association between games: A theoretical and empirical investigation of a new explanatory model in game theory. The degree has been conferred in June 2002 (Supervisor: Prof. dr M.C.W. Janssen).

Graduate education
June 1998 I got my M.Phil title in 'Philosophy of Economics' at the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics (EIPE), where I passed the following courses:
  ·   Advanced Philosophy and Methodology of Economics
  ·   History of Institutional Economics
  ·   Game Theory: Applications and Foundations
  ·   Culture of Economics
  ·   Foundations of New Institutional Economics and Evolutionary Economics
  ·   Empirical Studies in Institutional Economics

I graduated August 1997 in economics at the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam:
  ·   Four year joint degree program
  ·   Main courses: Micro-economic policy, Macro-economic policy, Mathematics for economists, Professional didactics of economic science

In the period of 1994 to 1997 I followed and passed several courses in Philosophy of Social Sciences at both the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Secondary school
I attained my diploma at the VWO high school in Rotterdam in 1990. My final exam subjects were:
  ·   Dutch, English, Mathematics / Algebr / /a / Probability Calculus (Math A and B), Physics, General and Business Economics (Economics I and II).

I also followed and passed the following courses at union high school in indiana:
  ·   US Government, World History, Creative Writing, Calculus, Computer Science, Business Law.

Find my Curriculum Vitae here.