Where to start in this section? There are so many things I like, but without a doubt at the top of my list is my girlfriend Esther.

Together with my girlfriend I love to explore the world and travel to different (exotic) countries. After I finished my dissertation in 2002 my girlfriend and I went to explore the Andes in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chili (South-America) for four months. We've also travelled to the Gambia (Africa) and in 2004 we returned to Latin-America to travel around in Argentina and Chili to see the wildlife and the lower parts of the Andes in Patagonia . This summer (2005) we'll go to Tanzania with defenitely a visit to the Serengeti National Park. But of course it's not only exotic countries that attract me. I love to travel around Europe and go camping in all sorts of countries. The last couple of years we travelled to, for instance, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium. Click here to visit our travel site with some pictures and stories of the trips we took.

Another hobby of mine is sports. All my life I've liked to pick up a tennis racket and play a couple of hours for fun (in the winter I sometimes substitute tennis for squash). Snooker is a sports that I've been practising for a long time as well, but I will never be a real talent at it with a highest br /eak of 43. Lately I've picked up new sports that I'm slowly getting addicted to: sailing on small open boats and playing golf. The good part of these last two is that I can combine them with my first hobby: I can now go sailing and play golf in other countries, or make sailing vacations (see the picture at the top: enjoying the view from a sailing boat in the beagle canal in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina). The mind sport I practise quite a lot is chess, you can find me online at Gameknot.

I'm also quite interested in architecture. Every country or city we go to I want to see the typical architecture of that country or city. Other interests are visiting all sorts of museums, listening to music, visiting concerts or the theatre, reading fiction of authors from all over the world, and then especially works from Russian and Latin-American authors.