I work at the public administration department of the faculty of social sciences of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. The main courses I teach are 'General Public Administration' to first year students, 'Economics and the Government' to second year students, and 'Government and Economic Policy' to parttime students. I also teach some other small classes and/or courses, like a class about Niskanen (a classic author in public administration), and the so-called (pro-)atelier which is an introduction to economics applied in governance practices in the Netherlands.

Because the amount of students I teach varies between ten to around one hundred I use different methods of teaching. However, in all courses I try to get some interaction going at least, because students adopt and remember more information then. Another technique I use is triggering the interests of students by every now and then putting some puzzles or 'bold' statements in a presentation. If you would like more in-depth information on my teaching skills, please contact me.

cover applied micro-economics In 2004 I wrote a textbook in Dutch (Toegepaste Micro-economie) about micro-economics and its applications together with Frank Dietz and Wim Heijman. This book gives a general introduction, for all students at both university and Higher Vocational Education, into all relevant aspects of micro-economics and how it can be applied. The expertise of teaching in a former course, namely 'Micro-economics and welfare theory', is used to write this book. The book is supported with an internet site of the publisher Coutinho, where everybody can find several exercises, capita selecta, links, etc. as well as slides and possible exam questions for teachers only.

Since 2006 I am a member of the parttime board of the department. In this board we coordinate and set up the parttime master program. This program is for professionals from the public domain who would like to be educated in public administration. One of the key elements in in this program is that student should learn to reflect. Reflect on theories, work, research, and themselves. In order to better this element in the program Frans-Bauke van der Meer and I have written a paper on reflection for the Pedagogical Workshop International MPA/MBA for Public Sector Managers in Limerick, Ireland

  • Meer, F-B van der and Marks, P. (2008) Organizing Reflection, Pedagogical Workshop International MPA/MBA for Public Sector Managers, Limerick, Ireland, November 5-7